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ceTina's Art 2024 Calendar
"Quick Sketches to Inspire..."
12-month calendar, 8x11 inches, printed on premium card stock, with a glossy finish.

ceTina's Art Limited Edition calendars, featuring ceTina's original paintings.
A beloved item for gift giving to friends, family, or to oneself.

ceTina's 2024 calendar featured selections:

Seabreeze Postcards, Set of 5
ceTina's Art Postcards
Featuring selected paintings by ceTina.
Each card is 5x7 inches, printed on premium card stock, with a matte finish.

ceTina's Seabreeze postcard image selection:

ceTina's Art mugs show wrap-around images of ceTina's original paintings.

Mugs are available for sale locally in Pacifica and Bay area.
More coming soon.
Brilliant Calm
country evening
summer dreams
logo mug

Tina's Tiny Treasures

Coming Soon

Mini paintings, mini books... tiny treasures to give or keep.

Tiny oil paintings
Painted on canvas, 4x4 inches.

Tina's Mini books
Just the right size for small hands, or to put in a pocket.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
+1 415 858 3968
(Call or Text/SMS)

ceTina's Art
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